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Pia Rockström

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Twin loss presents a unique sense of grief for the surviving twin. 

This book addresses the topic of twin loss through sensitive, in-depth interviews with surviving twins. The loss of one’s twin presents a unique sense of grief in that twins have shared their lives with each other from their very first heartbeats, and often share a special bond. These interviews highlight this relationship between twins and the strong sense of grief experienced by the living twin when one of them dies, at any point in their lives.  

Interviewees describe how they encountered grief and how they found a way forward, sharing deeply personal aspects of their lives along with photos. The title “Living for two” alludes to what many lonely twins experience, that they have been given the chance that their twin did not get, and now must live for two. The surviving twin feels an unconscious expectation to take advantage of life and do something meaningful. Many of the twins also feel that they have their dead twin with them as a strength in life.

Pia Rockström has worked as a journalist for nearly 25 years. She is the author of two previous books. She is also a triplet who lost one of her sisters a few hours after birth.

Said about the book:

 "So many amazing stories and inspiration from your book"

Carolyn Lister, New Zealand, chair ICOMBO

"These are moving stories that describe how the interviewees encountered grief and how they found a way forward, sharing deeply personal aspects of their lives. The book is intended as a support for multiples and anyone carrying grief. However, it is very insightful for anyone who deal with multiples and their families coping with loss. Be prepared for a few tears reading this book.

International Society for Twin Studies, ISTS

"This book is partly healing and partly insightful on how you can overcome such vivid loss and learn to live. Acting as a support system this book is one of a kind"

Harpreet Singh @Books with Harpreet 

Rockström's book is a tender compilation of personal accounts that reach into the soul of its readers. Each story is carefully narrated to reflect the intense bond that twins share - a connection that starts in utero and for many, as Rockström beautifully illustrates, transcends even death. These narratives are interwoven with scientific insights and psychological theories that help explain the enduring impact of being a twinless twin.

The book begins with Rockström's own touching introduction, where she reveals her motivation for writing this book  - the personal loss of her triplet sister, Maria. Her journey reflects a poignant quest for understanding and healing, setting the stage for the narratives that follow. Through interviews with twins from diverse backgrounds, including those from Sweden, the United States and Great Britain, Rockstrom offers a mosaic of experiences that are both uniquely personal and universally resonant.

Grace Jackson, @ReadsGrace

Through heartfelt interviews with surviving twins, Pia uncovers the profound sense of grief that accompanies the loss of a twin. From their earliest heartbeats to shared memories, the bond between twins is unlike any other, making the loss of one all the more devastating. In this touching collection, interviewees open up about their personal journeys through grief and the ways they've found to move forward. Pia beautifully captures their stories, showcasing the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable loss. With intimate photos and candid accounts, Living For Two, gives readers a glimpse into the world of twin loss and the healing power of shared experiences. With its poignant title Living For Two encapsulates the bittersweet reality many surviving twins face - the feeling of living for themselves and their lost sibling. It's a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is hope and a sense of purpose, as these twins carry the memories and spirit of their twin with them every step of the way.

Mansi, @Whatmansireads

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